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  1. Definition of insane asylum. somewhat old-fashioned.: a hospital for people with mental illness: a mental hospital.
  2. noun. (especially formerly) an institution for the maintenance and care of the mentally ill, orphans, or other persons requiring specialized assistance. an inviolable refuge, as formerly for criminals and debtors; sanctuary: He sought asylum in the church. International Law.
  3. Asylum definition is - an inviolable place of refuge and protection giving shelter to criminals and debtors: sanctuary. How to use asylum in a sentence.
  4. The insane asylum was burned to ashes, and forty-one of the forty-four inmates were cremated. It was the most awful sight witnessed in Dover since burning of Major Richard Walderne’s garrison two centuries before when the Indians cremated him and a number of other Dover citizens.
  5. Old insane asylum, Kings Park Inside Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, Building The campus was constructed in in Queens Village as the Farm Colony of Brooklyn State Hospital. Thousands of mentally disturbed individuals passed through the doors and like many asylums of the time it was overrun with patients, swelling from to 7, by pins.
  6. Jul 20,  · José Galvan runs one of Mexico's only insane asylums. In dreadful conditions, it houses patients who have been forgotten by both society and, often, their own families. Watch more VICE.
  7. May 08,  · But perhaps that phrase also applies to another class of institutions meant to house those deemed unfit for society: mental asylums. And for centuries — right up until the present day, in some places — the quality of most mental asylums, at least those in the European tradition, revealed little degree of civilization at contwinkevbderlogptanvidensauculmody.coinfo: John Kuroski.
  8. Aug 05,  · An insane asylum is one in which custody and care is provided for people with mental problems. An orphanage is an asylum set up as a shelter or refuge for infants and children who do not have parents or guardians.

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