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  1. Directed by Ted Parmelee. Sort of a cartoon version of "All About Eve" or people-using-people themes. It opens with a man singing the title song, accompanied by a pianist, a trumpeter and a trombonist. A flashback to the story of Fifi who leaves Waldo for Alonzo, and then leaves Alonzo for the circus owner. Back in the present it is shown that all three men are the musicians and they are.
  2. Miss Piggy sings "The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze" for the opening number in episode of The Muppet Show. Kermit, in a white leotard, falls off the trapeze and injures a flipper when he mistakenly instructs an assisting Beauregard to push him hard. The song was spoofed on "Elmo the.
  3. Sep 13,  · Hi gang – On Wednesday nights I get together with a couple of friends to play music. Last night we tried a new song for us: “The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze”. We didn’t have the sheet music but the guitar player knew the chords and the recorder player could improv the melody. I was able to play chop chords during the verse and noodle some double stops and tremolo during the.
  4. The Man On The Flying Trapeze This song is by Spike Jones and appears on the album Spiked! (). The Man on the Flying Trapeze (As performed by Doodles Weaver) As the crowd roars, to the center ring steps our fractured baritone. Are you in voice Winstead? I believe I am in voice. (Pitch pipe.

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