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  1. Jun 14,  · Après, je ne suis sûr de rien: si ça trouve, le prochain album sera un album de noise [Rires]. L'album Tout Va Bien Se Passer du Wild Classical Music Ensemble est .
  2. Visit the post for more. Third album is released 29th of march on Born Bad records!!! First videoclip of the new album: Trainstation.
  3. Notre moteur de recherche séléctionné pour les titres suivants pour votre recheche dreamy.
  4. 1 Wied Classicae Music Ensemble (Rien de Rien) Wild Classical Music Ensemble: The Wild Classical Music Ensemble est un projet musical de Belgique qui débute en novembre Les cinq musiciens du groupe, Damien, Lynh, Johan, Rudy et Kim, sont tous atteints de handicap mental hormis le .
  5. Tapping is clapping:: released on Born Bad/ Humpty dumpty wild classical music ensemble:: released on Subrosa.
  6. SR digipack CD. SOLD OUT. The Wild Classical Music Ensemble A name totally unknown at its introduction. Where did they fetch it from? Instantly the floor falls silent when the four mentally retarded musicians, Johan, Linh, Kim and Rudy together with their artistic mentor and drummer boy Damien, all ill at ease, clear their way among drums, trumpets, violins, melodica, samplers and an.
  7. Wild Classical Music Ensemble finally reunited after more than four months. Super reunion!!! Hopefully we will meet you all again very soon at a concert! Special thanks to .
  8. Music. Fill your day with music from The Wilds! We have given you here a small sampling of the great music you can get from The Wilds. Visit our online store to see a complete list of all our music plus some from other companies. Enjoy!

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