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  1. The theremin has always been a tinkerer's instrument, and if you're handy with a soldering iron, you can build your own from the ground up with the Moog Etherwave Build-Your-Own Theremin kit. There are also the Etherwave Standard and Etherwave Plus models for those who would prefer to skip the building and get straight to playing.
  2. Theremin The Theremini is a re-imagination of one of the oldest electronic musical instruments, and Bob Moog’s first love – the Theremin. Its design guarantees musical success to .
  3. Theremin. The daddy of weird instruments, and one of the very first times electronics were used specifically to create music. Notable for its eerie sound, contact-less playing technique and its use in science fiction movies, Leon Theremin (great name) went down in musical history for this one.
  4. Theremin brands There are different theremin brands to choose from, some of which include the following: Moog Etherwave Theremin - This brand has different pitch octaves and is designed with pitch, volume, and waveform controls. Cosmic Sound Effects - This brand designs theremins for cosmic sound production. You can add delay, distortion, and.
  5. Carolina Eyck is a theremin player, vocalist and composer. She has performed concerts all over the world and offers theremin lessons online and in person. | Carolina Eyck ist eine Theremin .
  6. theremin free download - Theremin Synth - Loop, Record & Download, SpaceTheremin, Theremin-Pro, and many more programs.
  7. A Theremin Academy will be held in Lausanne (Switzerland) from January 31st to February 2nd, Besides a huge common program for all participants, including: a common Swiss Fondue Dinner on Friday night a workshop by Carolina Eyck explaining and.
  8. Leon Theremin, (LEV SERGEYEVICH TERMEN), Russian scientist and inventor (born Aug. 24, , St. Petersburg, Russia—died Nov. 3, , Moscow, Russia), created one of the first electronic instruments; originally called the etherophone but later renamed for its inventor, the theremin provided the eerie, otherworldly sound in numerous motion pictures, the works of several composers, and such.

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